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I hate my job so much. The fact that I am back to work tomorrow after four days off fills me with dread, and I actually feel like im going to get the shits. I HATE THE ECONOMY AND HOW MUCH IT HAS FUCKED UP MY GENERATION AND EVERYONE IS STUCK IN SHIT JOBS FOR SHIT MONEY. I ALSO HATE HOW MUCH I NEED A BIG FAT JOINT AND CANT HAVE ONE BECAUSE MY JOB DOES RANDOM DRUG TESTING.

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I sent an application form to this site that lets you post free reviews of films, books etc online (recommended to me by my Uni I may add). I even uploaded the first thriller short story I ever wrote, and they haven’t replied. I am half devastated that they think my work is shit, but also paranoid they might steal my story. Even though it isn’t even particularly good. I know that is crazy. SO RUDEEEE. Just send me an email or something telling me I suck. It’s like when you apply for a job and they don’t even have the decency to tell you whether you’ve made it to the first round… Then you realise 6 weeks have passed and waheeeeeeeey: they’ve ignored you. So anyway, because that site ignored me, I decided to blog here…Furious today. I need a TGI Friday’s.